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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  October 18, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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in colorado, tea party-supported republican ken buck tells that homosexuals choose their sexual preference. >> i think birth has an influence over alcohol and some other things. but i think basically you have a choice. >> and hitting the campaign together in ohio for the first time this year, president obama and the first lady. trying to recapture the magic of 2008. >> it is my honor to introduce to you, my husband, the president of the united states of america. president obama! >> what do you think about michelle obama. she's kind of cute, isn't she? >> well, yes. and in the campaign year when some politicians are going to the dogs, we'll have analysis from pennsylvania governor ed rendell and north dakota senator byron dorgan.
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>> and ahead of the senate race, from new hampshire, democratic hopeful paul hodes. from political wars to u.s. wars. is the u.s. doing enough to curb the demands from mexico? white house house drug czar is joining us live. good day, i'm andrea michele, live in washington. happy monday. midterm madness in full swing. we're following four key race, colorado, kentucky, nevada and alaska. nbc news and political director chuck todd, co-host from "the daily rundown " joins us now. did ken buck reignite the culture wars? or did he step in it or what was
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he trying to do in his answer to david gregory? >> well it should be interesting to see. the whole libertarian movement out west has been a less-government, keep out of our lives kind of movement. libertarian movement has been the foundation in the west for republicans for most, going from goldwater to reagan. and then you had it swing a little bit to the democrats after some of the culture wars seemed to push some of those libertarian, conservative libertarians, away from the republicans. and that's going to be an interesting question for ken buck, is that, the entire tea party movement this year really has tried to keep itself within the confines of government spending the deficit. you've seen folks like jim demint talk about the culture wars stay out of it. this isn't an issue about gay rights. >> let's show people, chuck, exactly what happened on "meet
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the press" for anyone who didn't see it or wants to see it again, this is david gregory questioning ken buck yesterday. >> do you believe that being gay say choice? >> i do. >> based on what? >> based on what? >> yeah. >> i guess you can choose who your partner is. >> you don't think it's something that's determined at birth? >> i think that birth has an influence over it like alcoholism and other things. but i think basically you have a choice. >> is ken outside the mainstream of views on this? >> he's absolutely outside the mainstream of views on this. >> this is exactly what some republicans have worried about with their tea party alliance. that some of these tea party candidates may go in that direction. >> the common argument i've heard, tea party, whether kentucky, even alaska, how hard it is to quote/unquote, control
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them. they're not folks that are handled by political consultants. but when they speak off the cuff a little bit, some of their views which some people will believe are out of the mainstream, could come at exactly the wrong time. trust me, i've talked to some republicans in washington who wished election day were today. they're really worried the next two weeks, ken buck, angle, miller can all hold up. >> rand paul, you just mentioned ken buck. jack conway, this got contentious. something it that either did happen or didn't happen. >> i'm disappointed where the level of debate has gone. it does affect me and my family. to talk about my faith. and i'm not sure if i will appear again with him. we haven't fully decided, but i'm not sure i'll appear in public with someone who's going to question my religion. >> that was rand paul today,
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talking to reporters after this debate last night. >> right. >> where jack conway brought up this whole issue and it clearly, really, infuriated rand paul? >> well, it did. think about that ad for folks who have seen that on tv. on one hand, it brings up unsubstantiated allegations about what he did or didn't do in college, rand paul, when he was at baylor. and then takes leap and then questions it, and he says he questions my faith. the ad does question his religious faith today. look, that is as personal as you can get for a lot of people. how this plays out, i don't know what the rules are, what the line are anymore. andrea, we used to know what the line was and you knew when somebody crossed it. any more, it seems that the lines get crossed every day. this is one of those ads by
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conway, where you might argue that the conversation helps them because they're trying to paint paul out of the mainstream. and you might say, did you go too far. if this ad has prove goad fald . >> no up one has accused harry reid of nebraska being a great debater or allocutionist. >> we'll let the irony go. good this is harry reid comparing the president to the chilean miners. >> when barack obama was elected president, he found himself in a hole so deep, he couldn't see the outside world. it was like the chilean miners. he rolled up his sleeves and said i'm going to get us out of
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this hole. >> i think we're going to leave that there. because what's happened in nevada between sharron angle and harry reid -- >> we have not seen the re-enactment of the lincoln-douglas debate. there are a lot of great debates going on, washington state, you feel like both sides, left and right, democrats and republicans are articulate spokespeople for their points of view. nevada is not one of those states. >> quickly, things really deteriorated in alaska where a blogger claims that he was accosted by joe miller, by his security team. this was the blogger or the editor of the blog reacting to it. >> i don't even want to call it a push. it was more like something like this. like bounced. surrounded by more guys, more security guards i guess. and miller supporters and they were kind of putting their chest
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into me at one point. i just sort of brushed off whoever got too much. i may have asked him some hard questions that i thought we need to get answers to. it's been carried by two newspapers now over his employment at the borough. he hasn't denied the accusations. i was asking about that. that's where that all came from. >> it may take a while before we figure out what happened. security guards? >> the problem for joe miller, this is the second incident in as many weeks. last week, he had that press conference that was like rich afford nixon. when he said, you're not going to have dick nixon to kick around anymore. look, there's all kinds of media following candidates around. trackers will say, hey, we don't know who the tracker is and who the media is. still, to do this right now is a
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very precarious moment for joe miller because of the incident last week as well. >> chuck todd, you can join chuck and savannah for "the daily rundown" at 9:00 a.m. on msnbc. there's no state that captures any of the cross currents going on more than pennsylvania. pennsylvania governor ed rendell joins us now. governor, thank you for joining us. let's start with the senate race, joe sestak and pat toomey. this is a fairly recent ad. >> i'm joe sestak, and this is bill. my family loves bill, but she can make a mess, and we have to clean it up, i think about belle when i see pat toomey's ads attacking me. now pat toomey is attacking me for cleaning up his mess. >> have we reached a new level here in campaign advertising? >> well, it's sort of cute. >> it's sort of cute?
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what part of that was sort of cute? i guess the dog was cute. >> the dog was cute. no cute. and the point is is a good one. i think that it's fair to remind voters that when joe sestak, when barack obama, when they came into power, they were dealt a hand of cards that was brutal. and it was a mess left by policies that pat toomey had supported. so i think the thrust of it is fair. i'm not sure i would have run it, but the thrust of it was fair. >> now, why is joe sestak behind? you've got a 1.2 million democratic registration edge in pa. and yet, sestak has trailed toomey for -- throughout this campaign. what is the problem here? is it barack obama not being popular? you know, what the failure to connect? >> well, i think there are two things. number one, the democratic party is viewed as the party of
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incumbents. incumbent president. incumbent governor. we had both house us in the congress. and when times are tough, andrea, it's always been historic clink peophis historical historically, people sort of reach out and angry at the incumbents. the second thing is and more important thing, pat toomey has far more money to spend on the campaign. joe is starting to gain momentum as he's been on the air and as he gets around the state, he started to pick up momentum. generally, democratic momentum throughout the state. the democratic governor is also coming on. there's only a question of whether that democratic momentum will be quick enough and strong enough by election day. i think democrats are generally returning home. this isn't '94 when the republicans sort of snuck up on the democrats. the media has been talking about
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this enthusiasm gap since june. i think democrats are finally beginning to wake up. and then secondly, all the craziness out there, ken buck was just another example, all the crazy at the same time, et cetera, are starting to convince democrats that, look, maybe we're not absolutely pleased with the job that our guys have been doing, but this is a choice, not a referendum. and the choice is pretty clear. i think there's momentum. >> i was just going to say, in 10 of the 19 congressional districts in pennsylvania, they are potentially competitive. so, really, the future of the house could rest on pennsylvania. and what has happened in all of these districts where people are running away from the president, kathy dal kemper, running away from it? >> well, some districts, people are shying away from the president. i'm not sure it makes sense. people are going to run that the president is the head of the
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democratic party, no matter how far you run. but i also think about some of our candidates, and i don't know kathy's example in particular. some of our candidates are making a mistake running away from the policies we've enacted. i think the public likes financial responsibility. interestingly, andrea, the six things that have come online on health care just the past four months are widely popular with the incumbent. i'd be talking about the fact that children from 25 years of age or younger can't be denied coverage because of a preexisting illness. i'd be talking about the checks that the seniors are getting because of the health care reform bill. there is some good stuff that is happening. >> is the governor's house, is the state house going to go republican? >> well, the state house now a three-vote margin for democrats. it's a battle. it's by no means over in pennsylvania. again, i see democrats surging,
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how fast and how quick and how strong that surge is remains to be seen. i was at iowa, speaking at the iowa dinner saturday time, and chuck colburn just 19 points behind a couple weeks ago is now down to 8. i think you're seeing that happen all across the country. >> ed rendell. appreciate it. up next, we're up with democratic hopeful paul hodes this is not a lipstick.
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democratic hopes of picking up a senate seat in new hampshire because of the retirement of republican senator judd gregg are fading fast. new pole shows republican kelly
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ayotte meeting paul hodes by 15 points as the two just finished their latest debate. and new hampshire senate candidate paul hodes joins me. pressure after that confrontation. congressman, thanks a lot. you've been trailing and you're hoping to close this gap, obviously. but in a year where democrats are really being challenged for their votes with the president you hit the trifecta. you supported t.a.r.p. under the previous president. the stimulus package and health care. the republican opponent won a tough republican primary largely because of sarah palin's endorsement. how are you patching up up there? >> first, andrea, i voted against the wall street bailout. i've always acted as integrity for the people of new hampshire and there's a clear choice that the voters are having and it's becoming clearer and clear. my opponent, miss ayotte, stands at republican interests, folks
1:19 pm
in new hampshire don't like folks from outside telling us how to vote. and there's a very, very clear issue of swelling get, credibility and character that's aridge, e-mails have just been produced from her time at the attorney general's office that show that she puts her own political ambition above everything else. she injected the death penalty into a case. and those issues are beginning to hit home. and we've got a great advantage here. we've got an enormous volunteer organization who are hitting the streets. and what we're seeing on the ground is extraordinary momentum. and people really getting it. but it's time for integrity and independence. and that's why i'm very confident how things are going to turn out on november 2nd. >> and i want to correct my error, it is cap and trade you that voted in favor of, which probably is more favored up there than in some other places because of the environmental concerns. >> well absolutely.
1:20 pm
>> but it is a live free or die state where a lot of people are very concerned about being fiscally conservative. more than 50 of the 54s describe themselves as independent. you do have a mountain to climb there. >> that's why the mountain is for my own party. something i believe it-n. i'll stand up to anybody who gets in the way of new hampshire. i voted against the wall street bailout. it's why i'm pushing my plan on deficits. it's why i gave up on earmarks. while earmarks are a small part of the budget, they're a big part of pay for play. i joined up with the governor of arizona for the link between contribution and earmarks. and the folks in new hampshire understand that i put their interests first, not of the special interests, not my party's interest, but only theirs. >> how popular is nancy pelosi up there? >> well, i'm not sure that nancy pelosi is thought of one way or
1:21 pm
another. my opponent keeps talking about it. everybody in the elections i've won keeps talk about nancy pelosi. people here are much more concerned about jobs and help for the middle class and small business. what i talk about is my opponent wants to give $700 billion of tax breaks to the millionaires and billionaires who are behind these crazy ads flooding the airwaves. that's not fiscally responsible. i think we have to give that to small businesses right here in new hampshire. that's out of the hole that republicans drug us into in the first place. we can't go back to what nearly broke other backs in this economy. >> paul hodes, best of luck. >> my pleasure. coming up next, why some republican women are running from office but keeping their distance from the chief mama grizzly. and still, the democratic strategy for winning over women voters. you're watching "andrea mitchell
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right now, in reno, nevada, sarah palin, going along to get out the vote tour from the tea party express. when the palin tour comes to town, some republican candidates prefer to stay away. senior reporter for politico joins us. we're talking about her stop in california where neither carlie fiorina nor meg whitman showed up. >> well, there was a rnc rally/fund-raiser, in this high stakes year, in the country's largest state, the two key most prominent candidates in the state of california for governor and senate were not there. i think that underscores the ricks that comes behind palin. especially in a state like california where the imperative is to win some republicans and democrats in a general election. with those kind of voters, sarah
1:26 pm
palin can't do much help. >> and sharron angle, of course, there she is palin's big push for sharron angle in nevada. now, she's in reno. sharron angle is sort of the gift that keeps on giving, in some of those comments she's made. let me share with you something that she's just told a group of latino students. this video has just surfaced and what she said was they were misinterpreting the controversial ad where some hired actors were supposed to look like alleged illegal or undocumented workers coming across the border. it's a very conversational ad. same actors being used. here's what she said, i don't know that you of you are latino. some of you look a little more asian to me. i don't know that. what we know about ourselves is that we are a melting pot. my grandchildren are evidence of that. i'm evidence of that.
1:27 pm
i've been called the first asian legislator in our nevada state assembly. i don't know how to unpack any of that, except that it's mystifying how this whole issue has come, so far, in nevada and elsewhere across the country. >> well look, she is somebody that obviously is new to the spotlight. you know, running in a race like that has a tendency to hurt herself by committing these gaffes. but harry reid is so unpopular out there and the republican party has so much energy, in the cycle, andrea, they're right now in a walk in a dog fight. it has not hurt her so much that reid has put her away. they're still neck and neck in nevada. >> as we pointed out earlier as i tried to point out earlier but summered all over myself in doing so, harry reid is not a great debater either. the two of them in a debate will sort of -- >> after all of this last week, that's right. >> thank you very much. >> good to see.
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topping the headlines right now on "andrea mitchell reports," two people are dead after a shooting in a post office today in henning, tennessee. the highway patrol is chasing two suspects both considered armed and dangerous. the french government is warning its citizens of a potential terrorist attack, france went on high alert anyway after what it claimed were reports from saudi intelligence services that al qaeda is targeting europe, particularly france. also in france, more protests today as workers rally against president sarkozy's plan to
1:32 pm
raise the retirement age to 62. workers defying the government's plan to get back to work that have grounded some planes at charles de gaulle airport. while students burn and set up blockades. a typhoon has hit philippines. 45,000 residents along the coastal province of china in the path of that storm have now pled. and the 33 rescued chilean miners may be ready to break the pact of silence. some of miners are open to book and signing deals, individually, not as a group. and now to the war being waged along the u.s./mexico border. some officials say that the drug war is becoming a major threat to national security. this as some states are considering legalizing marijuana, at least in california. let's bring in white house drug
1:33 pm
czar. it's great to see you. thanks so much for joining us today. let's talk first about mexico, the drug cartel and the war there. what can we do here try to protect our borders, aside from what we're doing already, in term s border protection which the administration has been aggressively putting in place. but what can we do to kuscurb t demands. the criticism from mexico is we are fueling the war. >> well, the most important thing that we can do in this country is one, to recognize that all of the drugs from mexico, we've got to reduce our own demand. that means we've got to prevent young people from using drugs and reduce the amount of consumption going on here. >> and what in particular, does the administration propose to do. what progress do you see the administration making to curb
1:34 pm
the demand? be . >> well, first of all, prevention works. and people don't think that curse. the other is in president obama's 2011 budget request he has asked for a 13% increase in prevention funding. we think that's critical. parents are in fact a real key to this. the messaging through social media, through other advertising, is also very important. >> let's talk about the vote coming up in california, proposition 19, the legalization of recreational use of marijuana. eric holder, the attorney general has already said that the station is firmly opposed and why are you opposed to it? >> well, it would be greatly complicated. we have one controlled substances act, a federal law that governs all of the illegal substances. and for california to pass this would be a huge mistake for a lot of reasons. one is, i really think it's being sold to the voters of
1:35 pm
california under clearly false pretenses. >> what is your objection? what are the false pretenses, as far as you're concerned? >> well, there's so many things that's being sold on. for instance, it would reduce violence in mexico. we know from a recent rot that was just released that that's absolutely false. >> you're referring to the rand study? >> that's exactly right, andrea. the ram said that not only would it not decrease violence in mexico, more than likely, it would cause an increase in violence. the other is it would solve or help to solve california's budget problem. we know for a fact that will not occur either. >> finally, president calderon in mexico is saying this would really have a terrible effect on what's happening below the border in mexico. do you agree that this is sending a really bad signal to mexico, to our partners over there. >> it does send a bad signal.
1:36 pm
one, wee keep equating marijuana with medicine. it sends a very bad signal to our young people here in the united states. so we need to support president calderon, and we need to have some very reasonable drug laws. i think so preparation is the key. >> did you object in the district of columbia to medical marijuana being around? >> well, you know, medical marijuana exists in 14 states. and if those states follow laws, fit, they're all very differently written and sometimes, very differently enforced, then we're looking at the problem of drug distribution and illegal use, not on the medicine. but, remember, too, that medicine isn't something you vote on. medicine actually has a process through the fda to get into our shelves or into our medicine cabinets. >> so they're more controlled from that, obviously.
1:37 pm
thank you so much. it's good to see you. thanks for joining us. to be continued, and we'll be talking about this many times in the coming weeks and months. and up next, democratic senator byron dorgan. plus, why women voters could be the key to democratic hopes at least two weeks from now. follow the show online at andrea s >> we've got a flood. hits the road, the nose the angels start second guessing where they tread. ♪ for he's a jolly good fellow ♪ the meeting's tomorrow in dallas ♪
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just 15 days to go before
1:41 pm
voters decide the fate of the democrats and their agenda and if they do lose the house, does that pave the way for two years of partisan gridlock? with me now north dakota senator, byron dorgan, chairman of the senate democratic policy committee. senator, let's talk about the fact that the senate is now in play, although most experts think that the senate is most likely to stake if not the house, the senate, at least will stay democratic. but your seat most likely is going to go republican. do you regret retire yg. >> no, andrea, i've been here 30 years in the u.s. congress. i didn't want to make a commitment for seven years, this year plus six. i decided to move on after three decades. we'll see how nice it goes. but i understand your point about the way the polls look. i think this is going to be an interesting election. the pundits have decided how
1:42 pm
it's going to turn out. i'm not so sure it's all going to turn out quite that way. >> what can the white house do at this late stage? with early vote, you've already got people voting. there are people voting in florida today? >> that's right. >> what can the white house do at this stage to try to turn it around? >> well, i think the president's out doing that now. every day, he's out taking the message to the american people. you know, it's not unfortunate to point out that when the president steps across the white house door and took office a little over a year and a half ago, had he done nothing but sleep for 12 months in the if i first year of the federal deficit would have been $1.4 trillion. now it's growing, not as robust as we would like. the american people are nervous and somewhat angry about the future. but the question is, what kind of government do we want going
1:43 pm
forward. what's important to us. and i'm not so sure this is all going to go one way. there's this notion that it's like black birds on a telephone wire. one flies up all all fly up. i think in districts and states, people are going to take a hard look at individual candidates and ask the question, who do i want to go represent the values that i have. >> agreed. ultimately, it's up to the voters and we should not presume what is going happen in advance. we do that all too often. i take your point. an 30 years in the senate, you've been living it. i've been watching it. how do we get to the stage we are now, where a vote for adjournment is not even agreed to, where you cannot get people to withdraw, democrats -- mary landon, to withdraw hold on everybody confirms was extremely well qualified. and they can't get a vote on him
1:44 pm
because she's objecting to the moratorium on deep water drilling which has now been lifted? >> i understand your point, andrea. and i'd make the point for two years there's been objection to everything in the senate. everything. even motions to proceed on noncontroversial issues. you have to file petitions and it takes you a week to get to it. the american people deserve the best of what both parties have to offer. rather than the worst of each. this company needs a lot of help and good decisions. and knew the president is trying very hard. but most of his agenda, as you know, has been blocked relentlessly, during his year and a half period. >> well, we've enjoyed covering you. and i certainly have. i hope will you come back office after you leave office. >> thank you very much. and democrats are opening you dance with the ones who brung them to the party. a new poll shows in four of the
1:45 pm
country's most competitive race, the female vote, women, could make or break dem kraocratic ho. you've been following the races and the meaning of the gender gap. what is striking to you about about where women voters are right now? >> what's striking to me, women have to pay attention to the middle. that general, women have leaned more democratic than republican in the past, certainly made up a large part of the republican's base in 2008. there is a divide between married women and unmarried women who have trended more democratic over the years. the fact that they're having to worry about turnout now, having to talk about women, talk to women, is something that's striking. that's the case for much of the president's base, young people, african-americans, that's where we see him making outreach. he's doing that later this week. >> one of the most striking gender gaps, patty murray is
1:46 pm
running, 50% female support, only 40 support among men. in a race that's important now, we believe she's beginning to edge ahead of her opponent. that's an important race for democrats to hold. >> well, certainly. there are races, too, where women have an advantage. patty murray was the original mom in tennis shoes when she ran has often enjoyed advantages from women. certainly, when a women -- especially when the woman is a democratic advantage, she tends to see a greater advantage. i think there's a notion that because a lot of conservative tea party members happen to be women and because we have prominent conservative tea party candidates out there that would necessarily translate into a big boost of female support. i'm not sure that's the case. >> you've got a couple of races, west virginia, for instance, in the senate race, where among likely voter, joe manchin is up
1:47 pm
ten points for women. that could be a big difference in west virginia. >> well, again, that's true in west virginia, and it's true primarily because those women have to be democratic voters but that is not the case -- nationally, that's not the case in all of these. but that's certainly the best case for him, yes. >> one wonders, the famous ad where he's shooting the rifle, that seems to be designed to build this support among the men. >> well, sure, and that's no surprise. when that's where the gap is, that is the surprise. although we see democrats, both men and women, trying to do that when they've got a large gap. what's interesting to them, we're going to actually see president obama later this week on thursday, trying to do outreach with economic issues, not so much the social issues. guns and abortion which so much in the past have been the great dividers. but he's going to be talking about the economy and what he's tried to do specifically for the women on the economy. >> and, of course, no accident
1:48 pm
that michelle obama is out on the campaign trail. the most popular figure male or female these days? >> male or female, but actually popular with women. it works both directions. >> "the washington post"/white house reporter, thanks so much. coming up next, what political headlines in the next 24 hours. first, lester holt and arianna huffington go head to head. >> welcome back to tank tops political talk show. i'm lester holt. when we left off, i was talking about -- let's everybody keep their tank tops on. >> there's one thing that as evolved into complete obstruction of politics. ♪ [ upbeat instrumental ]
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voters in florida and elsewhere are already heading to the polls. early voting for the general election is now officially open across the state of florida and will run through saturday, october 30th. and which political story will be making headlines in the next 24 hours? msnbc contributor chris cillizza, managing editor of postpoliti and author of the fix blog. where are you looking? >> well, 15 days is the most important thing to remember. i'm not going to do the hours, because i was told there would be no math. it's not that many hours, so i'm excited. a lot of places people are going to look is in new york. this race has run a lot of attention. andrew cuomo is running against carl paladino. even though we are talking about it, this is a race that is not going to be close.
1:53 pm
carl paladino was down 59-24 in a new york times poll over the weekend. he's drawn a lot of attention for things he's said, e-mails he's forwarded, lots of negative attention. if you want to see how not to have it work out, look at "the new york times" poll. lots of national attention. not that big an impact. cuomo will win overwhelmingly. how bad does he hurt down republicans in the senate? does he drag them down? is he blamed for not just his loss but other candidates? >> cuomo as an insider. this is where doing an insider is good.
1:54 pm
andrew cuomo is not the perfect profile to run an election like this. he's a no-name in the state. he is viewed as an insider. and people don't take carl paladino seriously. he's not seen as an alternative. you always have toe have someone who meets a minimal credibility bar even if people decided they don't want the one guy. that's not the case here. it's the seem dynamic in nevada. does sharron angle meet the credibility bar? people want to fire harry reid, the senate majority leader. but do they trust sharron angle enough? that's what the last 15 days of this campaign is about? >> and if the new york race is not close, the west virginia race certainly is. this could decide the election. >> a very important race, andrea. joe mansion is a popular democratic governor. he's dipped. he's back on on the up swing. if democrats win this race, and
1:55 pm
if it winds up keeping them in the majority, it will be hard to claim my referendum. a recent ad he had, and i am saying this literally, he shot a rifle at the cap and trade legislation. i mean, remarkable stuff. so this is not an affirmation of the obama agenda. if they win it, i'm sure the president will take it. >> jay rockefeller. a great supporter of the obama health care and other initiat e initiativ initiatives. he says he doesn't care what joe mansion does. as long as he gets elected, he will support joe mansion. he's been great for the state and would be a great senator. so, this is the path they're getting. thanks so much, chris cillizza. we'll talk to you tomorrow. that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow the show online and twitter. tamron hall as a look at what's coming up next on "news nation". >> good to see you, in the next
1:56 pm
hour, in 2008 president obama attracted young voters, women voters, black voters. now many are turns to the republican party. is there anything the democrats can do to inspire their base? plus, personal information for millions of facebook users could be in the wrong hands because of a privacy breach. we'll tell you more about that one. and here's the gut check question of the day. should a disabled passenger be kicked off a plane because he or she is not traveling with a companion? "news nation" is back in three minutes. [ grunting ] [ male announcer ] introducing new wheat thins crunch stix. we need directions to go to... pearblossom highway? it's just outside of lancaster. sure, i can download directions for you now. we got it. thank you very much! onstar ready. call home. hi, daddy! i'm on my way.
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"news nations" is following several stories. a former nfl player seau drives his car off a cliff in arizona. and with two weeks to go, is there anything the democrats can do to get their base to the polls. a new report, facebook is revealing some of your private
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